Exclusive Use / First Refusal
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Exclusive Use / First Refusal

• First Refusal - Upon submission of your application you agree to grant a right of first refusal for the purchase of your idea (and/or any material expression of that idea) by the sponsors of the Competition (CellularOne – the "Sponsor"). This right of first refusal may be exercised by the Sponsor with regard all applicants for the duration of the Competition and one calendar month from the date of the announcement of the winners. With regard the winners of the Competition this right of first refusal shall continue for the Exclusivity period stated below. All rights of first refusal are subject to your agreeing terms for the sale and purchase of the idea with the Sponsor. During the period that the right of first refusal is in force you may not sell or agree to sell to any third party your idea (and/or any material expression of that idea).
• Exclusivity - The winners of the Competition shall grant to the Sponsor a 6 calendar month period of exclusivity that begins on the date the application is made available only on the Blackberry AppWorld website. During this period the application shall not be offered for download sale or otherwise on any other website and on the Blackberry AppWorld website shall be limited exclusively to subscribers of the Sponsor telecommunication services.
• At the end of the Exclusivity period all obligations created by the Competition with regard this right of exclusivity shall end.

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