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Mobile continues to be the way forward! Around the world cell phones have become the center of life, allowing users to use it as a phone, texting device, camera, music player, and alarm clock, among other things. In Bermuda, this is no different. Bermuda has a 94% cellular phone penetration rate and reports the highest per capita penetration of Blackberry devices in the world. It is only fitting that a competition was created to encourage the development of mobile applications for use in Bermuda and around the world.

The competition was conceived in the fall of 2008 and organized through a private-public sponsorship between the Bermuda Government, Department of E-Commerce, the Island’s three mobile carriers, m3 wireless, CellularOne and Digicel, and Research in Motion (RIM).

The goal of the competition is to create economic opportunities for Bermudians: as users, as carriers and as developers that utilize the single device that the majority of the mobile user population uses on a daily basis. In many other jurisdiction, users can use their mobile phones to bank online, get the weather, listen to local and international radio broadcasts and find restaurants and shops. The desire is to give users access to Bermuda-focused applications.

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